by Delete History

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released December 28, 2013



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Delete History New York

Formed in 2012, Delete History is a collaboration of 3 musicians from Binghamton, NY. Guitarist/Singer Dave Garris, Bassist/Singer Kyle Serlington and Drummer Jason Kruger.
Delete History draws influence from the band members prior projects (Sepsis, The Serlingtons and Intoxicated Youth, among others) but goes in it's own direction combining elements of pop punk, hardcore, metal etc.
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Track Name: Termination (The Survivor)
The dreams of his youth were rusted with time, but the notions of retribution remain lodged in his mind, reality and de ja vu were close as lips and teeth, but the truth of the matter was far from tongue and cheek. was this a story with a fiery violent end? or just a self-depricating celebration of suffering? with breathtaking display he layed waste to rolling hills of filth and created a mountain of corpses. This WAS a story with a fiery violent end. It WAS a self-depricating celebration of suffering! This WAS a tragedy of epic proportions! He burnt his tongue and tasted blood.
Track Name: A Fate Worse Than Death
Searching for deeper meaning, black eyes and black ice. Exhaustion becomes personal and i'm running out of time to become timeless, does this mean anything? And how far does this go down? and does it honestly matter? I need to get my mind away. We're growing old as soon as we're new, i've paid no attention but i suppose that i knew that. The bomb that was set on the day of my birth explodes in due time, then i'll return to the earth. I have become uncomfortably numb.
Track Name: Dead Skin on Trial
Conflicting thoughts- a civil war in my mind, a battle for my heart. I wanna crawl out of my skin. I look in the mirror, I dunno what i see- a distorted reflection of what lives inside of me. Confused since birth, am i perverted or diseased? because nothing i want feels natural to me. everywhere i go i'm out of place and everyone i meet i can't relate. A struggle with identity will never bring serenity when everyone is my enemy. everyone is my enemy. Lately i've felt so empty inside, like a part of me has died. i'm restraining myself, and that i can't forgive 'cause part of me has yet to live. I don't know what i want, i don't know who i am. I don't know who i want, i don't know what i am.
Track Name: Deconversion
Why is there more than one religion, why is there more than one god? How did you choose which one was right, how'd you choose the one for you? Who knows? You don't. I know I won't choose a religion because i'm afraid, pick one "story" instead of another. I can't remember before I was born and i think it's the same after i die but who knows? You don't?! I know I won't choose without proof. Besides... Why would I want to be a part of a system of lies that's meant to control people's lives? and why would I want to jump onboard of an ancient machine that's justified the killings of the innocent and the non-believers in the name of "god" and his blood soaked greed? so you'd have to be fucking kidding me if you think i'd believe after all that i've seen.
Track Name: Delete History
Progress or regress, the time has come to choose, we have so much to gain and so much to lose. So open your eyes, and free your mind 'cause there's more going on than you realize. No man is ever free living under a statute of liberty, they took away our rights for a false sense of security. Outdated philosophy robs us of our identity so look forward don't repeat, delete history. Everybody wants to distort the facts and until they learn we can never advance. My mind is free, theirs are trapped so 'til the day i die i'll be the fucking outcast.
Track Name: Negative Ethics
And so it begins, human nature kicks in. Dog eat dog, dog eat man, man eat dog, it's dog shit, man! Build and destroy, pollute and destroy! There is no heaven but we're making our hell, and how can we not make it? No one can tell. Cancerous flesh from nuclear effects, disect, neglect, inject disrespect. Oceans and lakes, rivers at stake, super storms, tornadoes, and brutal earthquakes. Elected officials can't seem to do shit and most people don't know what to do about it. 1,2,3,4 seems like the planet can't handle much more. 5,6,7,8 I hate to have to say it but it's way too fuckin late. So what's to be said when everything's dead? and how can you said it's not better this way? There is no solution, there is no "higher power", and the countdown to extinction gets shorter by the hour. So what's to be said?... We're all fuckin dead!
Track Name: Inanimate Cache
I should have known that this would happen, I thought I already learned this lesson. I'm tired and depressed, i've never been so stressed and the pain from this is more than I can take. So I buried "gold", although it's still alive. Now "X" marks the spot on a burial plot. Six feet under ground buried treasure is found. Life and death are both wastes of breath.
Track Name: Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
I'm a nervous wreck, living life like there's a gun to my head. I'm a fucking mess, i'm always angry, always stressed. My mind's in a terrible place 'cause my life is a fucking waste. I'm sick of living life without a purpose, i'm sick of feeling like i'm worthless. Thinking dangerous thoughts, my mind's a bomb waiting to go off. My innocence is lost, I can't forget the wars i've fought. My Mind's in a terrible place, 'cause my life is a fucking waste. My life is wasted.
Track Name: Affliction of the Godless
I have no soul, karma is bullshit, and nothing fuckin happens for a fuckin reason. Love is the wolf dressed in your skin, and I can't believe I invited you in. A beast of death with foul breath. You forgot, but I cannot.
Track Name: Darkened Understanding
You have faith, but I want facts, I don't wanna live my life by chance. I don't believe in god and I see no master plan, but that doesn't make me any less of a man. The lord is not my sheppard because I am not a sheep. I can think for myself because I'm a human being. A "final reward" for your daily routine justifies your life living like a machine. Say what you want, but i've heard enough, you practice hate while preaching love. If there really is a god up above then shut yer fuckin mouth and let him be the judge. So get up off the ground and stand on your own feet, 'cause man is weakest when he's on his knees. You treat thought like it's a disease but if you open up your mind there's a lot you can achieve.